DJ Bruce Battleson

DJ Bruce Battleson


Bruce has personally performed at over 2000 weddings. He is an expert at figuring out a crowd and matching his presentation to fit their energy level, musical tastes and sophistication.

Bruce is cool under pressure, cool in general, extremely organized, and never, ever cheesy.

“I can think like a wedding coordinator, speak like a professional motivational speaker, and beat mix like a Club DJ. Secret Weapon: Personality. “With my personality, I can get ANY crowd, in ANY situation, on my side and on the dance floor!”

DJ Gus Garcia

DJ Gus Garcia

Experience: 16 years and over 500 weddings

Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish

Interests: Magic, Theater, Paintball, and Tennis

Favorite Music: Anything that gets the crowd going! And KROQ

What makes me different from most DJ’s?
Our dedication to detail and commitment to service set us as a company apart from any average DJ. I have the mind of a wedding coordinator, the presence of a professional MC (minus the cheesy “radio” voice) and the ability of a club DJ. I love to entertain; my reward for a job well done is a room full of happy people.

Why weddings?
Weddings are fundamentally different; the focus is on the bride and groom. The responsibility I take on as your DJ is to maintain that focus, while keeping the event entertaining, elegant and organized. Anyone can play songs off their laptop, the difference is the ability to handle all things well at once.

I truly enjoy having fun. My fun-loving attitude and commitment to excellence are the main reasons for my success as a DJ.