Our Vision

Every wedding should be reflective of the bride and groom’s personality, tastes and style. And every wedding should be fun! This is accomplished through customization: Asking the right questions, careful planning and discussion, unique and creative ideas, thoughtful music programming , beat mixing and lighting.


We get our music from the same sources that radio stations use, so rest assured that every song at your wedding is going to be a “clean” version. We buy music almost daily and we always have the latest, biggest, newest, and best songs available. We will give you as much control as you wish over the music and we will give you all of our very best music ideas for every aspect of your wedding!


We have some of the best gear money can buy. We use MacBook Pros, Denon, Mackie, EV, Shure, and Pioneer. We always have backup gear on site at all events. We don’t cut corners on our gear.