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   Hot Tips   

Ice Cream is Cool!  

Whether or not you have a wedding cake, ice cream is an unbelievably huge hit right now!

Friday vs. Sunday  

Friday weddings rock! If you need an off-day discount, book a Friday wedding. Trust us, it will be a blast. Sunday weddings are usually pretty tough to get people to dance and drink and let loose. Unless you are Jewish. Jewish weddings are usually on Sundays and they ALWAYS rock! If you are on a Sunday, go open soft bar and a nighttime wedding and tell all your friends that they MUST show their love for you by taking Monday off. OR, go with a chill, Sunday brunchy, Jack Johnson and Reggae style beachy wedding. Those are great too!


Atmospheric Decorative lighting is "in"! L.E.D. uplights are a hundred times better than the old, hot, "can" lights. They run cool with no heat issues, no power usage issues, and the colors are extremely rich and bright. You can color accent walls, pillars, arches, and corners to match your wedding colors. We offer beautiful L.E.D. uplighting at great prices!

"Front Load" your Friday/Sunday wedding  

Lately, we've been "Front Loading" the sequence on more and more Friday/Sunday weddings with great results. "Front Loading" a sequence is where you have all ceremonial, non dancing events done before any dancing starts. The idea here is to get everything done before dancing starts so that once it does, it never ends until the reception is over. The main purpose of this technique is to create maximum momentum with no energy "dips". Often with a Friday wedding, many guests get tired and they will go home after the first big energy dip. Or on Sunday weddings, some guests will start thinking about work the next day on the first dip and they will leave. So, by Front Loading your sequence, you maximize the length of time your guests stay at your reception, and you maximize the fun they have while they are there. Nobody has time to look at their watch! Now, all you need is a great DJ to shred the beats!


Take a key song used in the ceremony and bring it back (in a different version) for the reception to reinforce your theme.
For Example: "I'm yours" (Vitamin String Quartet version) for the ceremony exit song and "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz for your reception farewell exit song.

"Beat Mixing To Cage The Dance Floor"  

Once all your "official" wedding reception events are over and you are in pure "dance mode", your DJ needs to beat mix. It's an art. It's not easy. But it's magic when it's done right. If your guests hit the dance floor for a favorite song and find themselves still out there 15 minutes later, never figuring out when one song ended and the next one started, they've been caged! Guess what, your guests stayed longer, danced more than they planned to, and had an unforgettable time because you "caged" them with perfectly beat mixed, completely customized dance sets. Our DJ's use state of the art gear such as Denon and MacBook Pro and undergo extensive training in the art of beat mixing, set building, and crowd reading.

The Guest List  

Hey!, don't forget to invite some fun people to your wedding. The politics of the invite list are complicated but don't forget to invite some really fun party people too! A few “party instigator/dance machines” at your wedding will help inspire other guests to let loose and have some fun.

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